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From Fetlocks to Golf Holes.

From Fetlocks to Golf Holes.
From Fetlocks to Golf Holes.

The original design of these scissors was for the specific task of trimming the fetlocks of the Household Cavalry. They featured rounded blades in both the front-to-back and side-to-side directions to trim fetlocks without harming the horse’s skin. The handles were cranked to ensure easy access to the fetlock without risking the operator’s hand getting trapped.

golf trimming scissor fetlock golf holes
Curved and Cranked for comfortable and safe use.

Whilst we still receive orders for the MOD, they are now bought in large quantities by golf course greenskeepers responsible for maintaining the turf all around the world! This might sound amusing, but during golf tournaments, these scissors serve a vital purpose. They are the ideal tool for trimming the holes on putting greens without causing damage. Even a stray blade of grass could potentially alter the course of a golf ball, leading to the loss of significant prize money. Consequently, the demand for these scissors in this unique application remains strong.

Crafting these precision tools with curved blades calls for the expertise of highly skilled craftsmen!

household cavalry horse
A Household Cavalry Horse.
golf trimming scissor fetlock golf holes
A very diverse scissor indeed!
golf course hole and ball
Who knew a scissor would be needed to trim these?

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