William Whiteley and sons
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Whiteley’s offers a wide range of beautifully hand-crafted scissors and shears to cover every cutting need. Explore the Whiteley collection to find the perfect pair for you. Since 1760, every scissor produced by the company has been hand-made, assembled and tested by craftsmen, using the skills and techniques honed and handed down over centuries. All our products are handmade by craftsmen and can be personalised with laser engraving.


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william whiteley kitchen scissors

Scissors for everyday use

william whiteley outdoor scissors

Ideal for the garden

william whiteley personal care scissors
Personal Care

Scissors for personal care

william whiteley sewing scissors

Scissors for sewing


Specialist Scissors for Tailoring

william whiteley crafting scissors

Ideal for the hobbyists

william whiteley upholstery scissors

Scissors designed for upholstery

william whiteley diy scissors

Perfect scissors for jobs around the house

william whiteley gifts

Looking for presents for a scissor lover?

william whitelely left handed scissors
Left Handed

Scissors designed for left handers