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William Whiteley Tailor and Cutter Magazine advert

Tailor and Cutter Magazine

Sally's Blog: Tailor & Cutter Magazine.
Tailor & Cutter Magazine.

The “Tailor and Cutter” magazine was a renowned publication in the realm of tailoring and fashion during its tenure. Originally founded in the late 19th century, this tiny yet mighty magazine was a goldmine of tailoring tips and tricks for tailors, cutters, and fashion enthusiasts alike. The magazine was celebrated for its in-depth coverage of tailoring techniques, patterns, measurements, and cutting methods – a true tailor’s treasure trove.

Throughout its 105-year existence, the “Tailor and Cutter” magazine chronicled the evolution of tailoring and fashion trends, reflecting the changing tastes and styles of each era. Its pages were filled with practical advice, detailed illustrations, and insightful articles, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the craft.

Surprisingly, many of these old-school techniques are still handy for today’s tailors, even though fashion has changed drastically.

Despite its eventual discontinuation, the magazine’s legacy lives on through its invaluable contributions to the world of tailoring and its enduring influence on subsequent generations of tailors and fashion enthusiasts. Today, vintage copies of the “Tailor and Cutter” magazine are sought after by collectors and historians, offering a glimpse into the rich history of tailoring and fashion.

We are lucky enough to have an original print from 1883. Despite its worn edges, what stood out was a vintage ad for Whiteley’s scissors and Wilkinson Shears. Inspired by this discovery, we incorporated the illustrations into our retail packaging that is used to safely transport our smaller scissors and shears to our customers.

Tailor and Cutter - August 16 1883 - William Whiteley Ad
Tailor & Cutter Magazine – August 16 1883
Tailor and Cutter - October 11 1894 - William Whiteley Ad
Tailor and Cutter – October 11 1894 
William Whiteley Corrugated Box Large and small with Tailor and cutter advert print
William Whiteley Tailor and Cutter Magazine advert
William Whiteley bottom of the Corrugated Box Large with Tailor and cutter advert print

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