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Scissor Care
All our scissors come with a lifetime guarantee. However, to ensure maximum cutting-life & satisfaction, we would recommend following these guidelines:
Wilkinson Xtra Sharp 10 inch sidebent scissors
  • Always store in a dry environment with the blades closed.
  • To prolong life, wipe the inside of the blades of the scissors after use with a clean soft cloth. This removes tiny particles of dust and fibre which build up between the blades and can impair the cutting ability. For heavier users, use a drop of light machine oil on a clean cloth to wipe the inside of the blades weekly.
  • Avoid harsh treatment of the scissors and handle with care – dropping or bashing them can cause irreversible edge damage if the blades are open.

Dishwasher safe?

  • The only scissors that can withstand being washed in the dishwasher are our two stainless steel kitchen scissors: Classic Kitchen Scissors and Lightweight Kitchen Scissors.


  • Occasionally scissors may need sharpening & this 
should be carried out by craftsmen – incorrect sharpening can render a product useless.
  • If your scissors require resharpening, we would strongly advise finding a resharpening company with experience in sharpening fabric and tailoring shears. Many resharpening companies specialise in only the sharpening of hairdressing scissors, so make sure to ask they have experience with different types of scissors and shears.