Scissor Care
All our scissors come with a lifetime guarantee. However, to ensure maximum cutting-life & satisfaction, we would recommend following these guidelines:
Wilkinson Xtra Sharp 10 inch sidebent scissors
  • Always store in a dry environment with the blades closed.
  • To prolong life, wipe the inside of the blades of the scissors after use with a clean soft cloth. This removes tiny particles of dust and fibre which build up between the blades and can impair the cutting ability. For heavier users, use a drop of light machine oil on a clean cloth to wipe the inside of the blades weekly.
  • Avoid harsh treatment of the scissors and handle with care – dropping or bashing them can cause irreversible edge damage if the blades are open.
  • Occasionally scissors may need sharpening & this 
should be carried out by craftsmen – incorrect sharpening can render a product useless. We offer a monthly worldwide resharpening and resetting service. To find out more, please email sales@whiteley.co.uk. Please note, we can only resharpen and reset scissors in adequate condition, we are unable to overhaul scissors that have found themselves in a state of disrepair.