William Whiteley and sons

We are now the last industrial scissor-maker in the UK. Our scissors are still hand-made, assembled and tested by our craftsmen, using the skill and techniques honed and handed down over centuries. This is the story of our Last Hand Grinder, Andrew.

We featured in the Yorkshire Post and were highlighted as being the oldest scissor manufacturer in the Western world. Our production supervisor, Steve, was photographed showing some of his assembly work on our shop floor.

We featured on BBC1’s Morning Live with Will Kirk. Will, best known for presenting The Repair Shop, came to visit us to film a featured based on endangered crafts. As the oldest scissor manufacturer in the western world, we enjoyed sharing our story of how we have adapted and thrived in recent times despite many challenges including the pandemic.


To view, visit BBC iPlayer here.

ITV’s National News at 6 and News at 10. This was in support of a press release from the Bank of England surrounding the positive economic forecast in the second half of 2021.

Filming for an episode of Salvage Hunters where Drew Pritchard and his team visited our factory in the search of antique treasures.

Stephen Moore and the Antiques Roadtrip crew came to visit our factory to find out about the art of scissor manufacturing and to find out why Sheffield became the heart of scissor production.

Our innovative EXO Gold shears were used and featured on Netflix’s Next in Fashion series hosted by Queer Eye’s Tan France and fashion designer, Alexa Chung. The show is a fashion competition where 18 contestants battle it out for the fashion prize of a lifetime.

The lead article in the Financial Times about being the only remaining scissor manufacturer left in Sheffield and also in the United Kingdom. It explained how scissors are manufactured and how it takes skills perfected over decades to be able to manufacture a perfect pair of scissors.

Interview with Sally Ward in Quilt Now magazine exploring the history of our company and exploring why we believe William Whiteley & Sons has stood the test of time as we have been in existence since 1760.

Article in Love Sewing Magazine exploring the history of our company and how a good pair of scissors really is a lifelong investment.