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Joe Fagan, took over the barrel

The Last day Before Christmas at old Whiteleys

The Last day Before Christmas at old Whiteleys
The Last day Before Christmas at old Whiteleys

When Whiteleys was in a different, older factory from where we are now, Christmas celebration of the last working day before Christmas was a half-day dedicated to cleaning and tidying up, and it still is! Now that we are out of the city in a modern, built for-the-job factory the celebrations now are different. There is the usual clean-up; one advantage of this is that it is much nicer, after Christmas celebrations; to be working in a clean and tidy factory when we come back!

At old Whiteleys when my father was in charge, the last working day was shortened by the presence of a pub across the road (Fagan’s) – some employees wives were waiting at the factory door to get the pay (cash in envelopes in those days) so that it didn’t disappear over the bar! So, my father would put £400.00 in cash over the bar to buy all the drinks and then not so much time later, a second £400.00 would be supplied!

Tom & Barbara previous landlords of fanigans
Tom & Barbara – Landlords of Fangan’s at time
Joe Fagan, took over the barrel
Joe Fagan – Original owner of “Fagan’s”

After this binge, some of the lads then set off to indulge in some gambling and making a night of it! If this day were Christmas Eve, I guess the participants would have had very sore heads, (if they had one left at all!) Then they would sober up just in time to get busy making more scissors…

Anyway, if you are reading this we wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

Fagan's pub then
Fagan’s pub then
Fagan's pub now McKee
Fagan’s pub now

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