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  • Our stainless steel Classic Kitchen Scissors at main view. These are handmade by craftsmen, dishwasher-friendly and suitable for cutting poultry bones, meat and opening bottles.
  • Whiteley Pocket Knife main view. It features a ebony wood curved handle and also comes with a Whiteley branded bespoke pouch ensuring your knife will remain safe and protected whilst not in use.
  • Wilkinson Exo Silver Gift Set in main view.
  • William Whiteley Noir Gift Set in main view with packaging, including a pair of 6″ Household Scissors, a pair of 9″ Shears and a pair of Threadclips.
  • William Whiteley Full House Gift Set in main view including Classic Kitchen Scissors, Garden Pruners, 7 inch DIY shears, 9” Wilkinson Black Paper Scissors and Big Bow Embroidery Scissors.
  • Wilkinson Black Paper Scissor Gift Set in main view including 7inch, 9inch and 10inch Black Paper Scissors.
  • Wilkinson Noir Sewing Set in main view includes 8″ Wilkinson Noir Sidebent and Noir Embroidery Scissors.
  • Wilkinson Noir Sewing Gift Set in main view includes 8″ Wilkinson Noir Sidebent, Noir Threadclips and Noir Embroidery Scissors.
  • EXO Black Shear Gift Set with Black Sheath and Black Embroidery Scissor
  • William Whiteley The Chef Kit in main view including Damascus Cleaver Knife and Leather Apron.