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Chef's Professional Damascus Knives

Chef's Professional Damascus Knives

Introducing our Professional Damascus Knives. A range of 7 handcrafted knives capable of bringing culinary ambitions to life.


They have been designed with the highest of specifications in mind. All knives boast high carbon VG10 stainless steel blades with an above industry standard hardness of up to 62 HRc. Every knife has been designed with balance at the forefront of its properties.


The multi-layered Damascus steel blades provide an ultra-strong core coupled with flexible stainless steel allowing the edge to be honed to razor sharp precision, providing superior edge retention. As the Damascus blades are built up of many sandwiched layers covering the core of the blade, each knife is completely unique.


The handles are manufactured from Garolite, a resin based composite material lending itself to extreme strength and durability thanks to its moisture resistant attributes. The top choice of professionals.

Cleaver Knife

A super sharp cleaver capable of getting through the toughest meat and bone with minimal effort and time. They are ideal for cutting everything you have to throw at it.


Overall length: 11.6″ / 29.5cm

Length of cut: 6.7″ / 17cm

Chef's Knife

The perfect all-round knife for a variety of tasks in the kitchen, including chopping, dicing and slicing. With a broad blade finishing in a super sharp tip allowing you to rock the blade as you cut, it allows for complex and versatile cutting and despite its larger size, can easily achieve intricate julienning.


Overall length: 13″ / 33cm

Length of cut: 8.1″ / 20.5cm

Santoku Knife

Featuring a wide sheepsfoot blade to meet a straight-edged front blade, the Santoku Knife allows for refined slicing across a wide range of food products. Lighter than the Chef’s Knife with less of a radius, a stable and powerful knife creates an effortless item that you can’t afford to be without.


Overall length: 12.3″ / 31.2cm

Length of cut: 7.4″ / 18.8cm

Bread Knife

To easily saw through the bakery’s freshest loaves, our Bread Knife features a beautifully serrated blade, capable of cutting through soft bread whilst still preserving the shape and presentation. With an offset handle and generous blade length, you can easily cut all the way to the bottom of your loaf.


Overall length: 13.6″ / 34.5cm

Length of cut: 8.2″ / 20.8cm

Slicing Knife

A slimmer, lighter version of a carving knife, allowing you to initiate a precise cut when you’d like to cut through meat thinly yet accurately.


Overall length: 13″ / 33cm

Length of cut: 8″ / 20.3cm

Boning Knife

A flexible knife to pierce meat with easy and safety. Designed to cut close to the bone, it is extremely sharp and able to be maneuvered into tight places thanks to its slender blade tip.


Overall length: 10.2″ / 25.9cm

Length of cut: 5.4″ / 13.7cm

Paring Knife

A lightweight and compact paring knife makes light work out of frequent kitchen tasks. A collection must-have, its versatility makes it ideal for a whole host of tasks including peeling fruit and vegetables.


Overall length: 7.9″ / 20cm

Length of cut: 3.6″ / 9.1cm

Professional Knife Roll

The ultimate set for those serious about the kitchen. Featuring six of our Damascus knives, our Professional Damascus Knife Set will see you through with all you ever need to create some top dishes.

Presented in a beautiful handcrafted, 100% leather roll, your knives will be safe for life. A real treat.

William Whiteley Chef’s Professional Damascus Knife Set in main view including Chef’s Knife, Santoku Knife, Bread Knife, Slicing Knife, Boning Knife and Paring Knife.