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Valentine’s Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us and since it may be a little different than usual, we thought we’d put together some beautiful gifts that will also come in handy during any national lockdowns your country may currently be facing.


First up are our EXO Gift Sets. Available with our EXO Gold or EXO Silver shears, our gift sets come complete with a bespoke, handmade leather EXO sheath and also a pair of embroidery scissors.

The sheath is available in either brown or black leather and we offer a choice of two pairs of embroidery scissors. The first option are our Gold Embroidery Scissors which have received the unofficial royal seal of approval. Queen Elizabeth II was presented with a pair when she opened the Sheffield Winter Gardens in 2003. Instead of giving them to her ladies in waiting, she put them in her own handbag to take to Balmoral. We definitely take this as a compliment! The other option is our Big Bow Embroidery scissors which are chrome-plated and have extra large finger bows for ease of use and comfort. The options mean you can find the perfect gift set for your Valentine.

Don’t forget, our EXO shears are also able to be laser engraved meaning you can put an extra special message to make them even more personal.


Is your Valentine a big lover of the great outdoors? Our Whiteley Survival Knife and Expedition scissors are both perfect for camping trips and other outdoor activities.

Our Survival Knife is handcrafted in Sheffield from high specification CS80 steel which provides excellent edge retention and durability, meaning the Whiteley Survival Knife has been designed and built to last whatever you decide to throw at it. The blade is also Teflon coated making it more resistant to wear and corrosion. The Whiteley Survival Knife also comes with a bespoke sheath designed specifically by market leaders Blackhawk in the USA. The Whiteley Survival Knife can be laser engraved to make an extra special gift.

Is your Valentine a camper? Our Expedition scissors are the perfect companion for any camping trip. Featuring a Tetrabond ceramic coating used widely by aerospace and other high tech industries, where durability is essential, you can be confident in knowing that the Expedition scissors are built to last. They are designed with multi-use features in mind, including a garlic/nut cracker function and an integral tin and bottle opener meaning you’ll never be caught short at a barbecue around a camp fire. The Expedition scissors are also available with bespoke laser engraving and arrive in our signature Whiteley presentation box with bespoke foam.


If your Valentine has recently taken up a sewing hobby during lockdown but doesn’t have all the right tools yet, we have just the scissors that are a staple in any sewer’s toolbox. Firstly, our 8′ Classic Sidebents are the perfect all-rounder for their size and ability to cut a wide range of fabrics. They are manufactured using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations so certainly have stood the test of time. Our Classic Sidebents feature black and-painted handles but are also available in a variety of colours, including teal, purple and pink. In addition, they are also available in a left-handed variety so you really can choose the ideal pair.

Does your Valentine enjoy sewing and dressmaking but their current scissors are becoming a little heavy or cumbersome? Our Wilkinson Glide Lightweight Dressmaking Scissors are, as you guessed from the name, a lightweight solution to all your cutting needs meaning they can be picked up time and time again without fatigue. Our Wilkinson Glide Lightweight Dressmaking scissors also feature Teflon coated blades which mean they are not only resistant to wear and corrosion, but also are non-stick should you ever work with any adhesives used in upholstery.


Did you know, we are more than just scissors! We also have a history of manufacturing knives and shipping them across the globe. Our current flagship kitchen knife is our Damascus Cleaver will certainly make the cut this Valentine’s. Ideal for cutting pretty much anything that needs the chop in the kitchen, the multi-layered Damascus steel blade provides super edge retention ensuring maximum sharpness. Available with bespoke laser engraving for an extra special kitchen companion.

Our Whiteley Leather Apron makes the ideal gift for the person who has everything. Handcrafted from 100% waxed cow’s leather and also features an adjustable tan neck and waist straps so one size fits most. The leather apron is also able to be laser marked with a special message making it personal to the recipient.


If you’re still unsure, feel free to email us at [email protected] for advice to ensure you pick that perfect gift and make someone’s day this Valentine’s.

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