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William Whiteley Tailoring Scissors

The premier scissor on the market for tailoring


Since 1760, our scissors have been used by tailors all over the world from Savile Row to the American Bespoke Tailoring Academy.


All our shears are handcrafted to impeccable quality standards and designed to last a lifetime. Tailors often get in touch with us to resharpen scissors we made decades ago.

Endorsed by Savile Row tailors, the Ministry of Upholstery, and leading suppliers of craft tools, EXO are the go-to cutting choice of professionals


Available for purchase in a bespoke foam-lined box with optional personalised laser engraving on the back blade, these are the perfect tool for tailoring.


Described as “light, precise and comfortable” by Ultra-bespoke Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop OBE of Maurice Sedwell and used by the Savile Row Tailoring Academy to teach our next generation of students.


Conceived in 2015 by our lifelong scissorsmiths and company directors Jeremy and Sally Ward (née Whiteley). Inspired by a visit to the Advanced Manufacturing Show in Birmingham UK, they envisaged an innovative new way to manufacture scissors.