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William Whiteley & Sons have been making professional scissors in Sheffield, England since 1760. Between then and the present day we have created scissors designed specifically for all different types of industry. From golf-hole grass trimming to cutting carbon fibre. From Savile Row tailoring to luxury car and yacht manufacture.


Our scissors are tailored to suit their professional purpose providing unparalleled cutting ability and minimum resource consumption. You’ll be able to cut better and for longer without having to replace or resharpen.


Visit our trade site here to see our range of industrial product and compile a quotation request, or contact us for more information.

A good example of the attention to detail that takes place within our factory


Our popular 10 inch sidebent comes in as a raw scissor forging (blank) freshly drop forged from high-quality carbon tool steel and is then handcrafted into over 26 different styles of professional scissor.


The variations may feature different coatings, platings and blade edges, all to suit their intended cutting purpose.

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