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Left Hand Scissors

We know how difficult it is for left-handers to find high quality scissors on the market, particularly when it comes to crafters or tailors keen to cut fabric.


For scissor makers, it is very expensive to buy a run of forgings to make left-hand scissors. They are used at a much lower rate (at least 10 times lower) than right-hand scissors, nonetheless we are proud to stock a variety of true left-handed scissors in different colours, sizes and with different blade edges for all cutting purposes.


Explore our range below.

Left-Hand Classic Sewing Sidebents

If you’ll be cutting every day sewing materials, such as cotton, jersey and linen, you’ll be looking for a scissor with two knife edge blades. This is exactly what our Classic Sewing Sidebents feature. Put simply, this means two straight blades.


Our Left-Hand Classic Sewing Sidebents are available in 8″ and 10″ so whether you need a larger pair for longer cuts of fabric or you require something a little shorter for more accurate work, we have a pair for you. Our Left-Hand Classic Sewing Sidebents are chrome plated for corrosion protection and feature black hand-painted handles.

Left-Hand Black Sewing Sidebents

Built to the same high specification as our Classic Sewing sidebents, our Wilkinson Black Left-Hand Sewing Sidebents offer uncompromising performance whilst boasting the additional feature of an all-black Teflon coating. The Teflon coating not only gives them superior resistance against corrosion but it also is totally non-stick against any adhesives you may come into contact, whilst also looking great.


Available in 8″ and 10″ varieties.

Left-Hand Xtra Sharp Sewing Sidebents

For those of you that need to cut tougher stuff, our left-hand Xtra Sharp sidebents feature one knife edge and one serrated edge allowing them to grip onto fabrics and cut through them with ease. They are also perfect for slippier fabrics. They will make light work of thick materials such as canvas, denim, leather and velvet. Be careful using Xtra Sharp sidebents on any fibrous materials such as wool and silk however, as the serrated blade can sometimes pull the fibres of your fabric.


You guessed it, these are also available in 8″ and 10″ left-hand varieties.

All of our left-handed scissors are available with bespoke laser engraving and either arrive in our Signature Whiteley Gift Box or Signature Whiteley Presentation Box dependent on the size of the shear ordered.


All our products are available with worldwide shipping.