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Scissors for Carbon Fibre

With over 259 years experience in scissor making, we combine traditional techniques with modern technology to cut innovative materials

Carbon fibre is a material being used right at the forefront of technological innovation. Since it was introduced we have provided scissors to cut through it whether that be within aerospace, motor-sport or even luxury car or yacht manufacture.


William Whiteley shears have been used within Princess Yachts, Rolls Royce and other premium manufacturers, to cut carbon fibre globally. We edge the blade in a specific way to achieve not only the best cut but the longest lifespan; saving resources.

Black teflon sidebent scissors

Scissors for Kevlar

professional scissors

In the early 1990’s, we were approached by a company supplying tools to the manufacturers of Kevlar. Kevlar is bullet and stab resistant material (think police stab vests) and poses a singular problem for most scissors, in that it is designed to resist attempts to penetrate it.


We were asked to solve this problem, and manufacture scissors to cut Kevlar, which we did through a process of trial and error. At one stage, a graduate doing a Master’s project in the department of materials engineering even chose to study how the scissors worked. Lots of tests were done, with electron micrographs taken of the cutting edges and so on, but nobody could work out why the scissors cut the Kevlar, so we now call it a black art!