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Father's Day Gift Guide

Discover the ideal Father’s Day gift with our curated guide. From timeless classics to personalised treasures, renowned for our exceptional craftsmanship and variety, we have something for every kind of Dad.

For DIY Dad's

William Whiteley DIY Scissors


Our DIY shears are designed with functionality in mind, featuring offset handles for ease of use when cutting through tough stuff. An ideal addition to any DIY toolbox as they are great for cutting through strong materials, including a wide range of textiles.

The vibrant blue handles are hand painted for durability, comfort and their striking design.

10 inch paper hanging scissors Wilkinson Sheffield made


Our 10″  Black Paper Scissors, traditionally used for paper-hanging and wallpapering are an ideal addition to any decorator’s toolbox. With long blades and rounded tips, these scissors glide through paper with speed and ease.

Also available in 7″, 9″ and as a set.

Wilkinson 10 inch exo gold titanium nitride fabric, tailoring shears

EXO gold

With a stunning satin finish, ergonomic handles and razor sharp blades, the EXO gold are the highest professional-quality shear you can buy. Designed to fit comfortably in the hand while delivering a powerful cut, these shears are also ceramic coated to offer unparalleled durability and resistance.

Also available in Silver, Black and Spectrum and as a Gift Set.



The largest of our Wilkinson Glide range, these are tough yet lightweight general purpose DIY scissors, with teflon-coated hollow ground blades. Ideal for DIY as they are great for cutting through tougher stuff; they are even used by professional carpet fitters!

The handles are comfortable and ergonomic, offset for ease of use and made from a high quality plastic.

Also available in 8.25″, 6″ and as a 3 piece Gift Set as well as with a serrated edge for extra tough materials.

William Whiteley Workmaster short cut shear


Our Workmasters are a made of tough stuff. Featuring short blades and long handles, they provide a 2:1 mechanical advantage thanks to their excellent leverage. Ideal for endless applications in DIY, they are capable of cutting through anything up to thin sheet metal, they certainly won’t let you down when you’re looking for that shorter cut for a wide range of purposes. The rear blade is finely serrated to enable the scissor to grip all materials more securely.

Also available with a black Xylan coating and in a Composite version for use with glass fibre, carbon fibre and kevlar!

For Dad's Who Love to Cook

Chef Knife Set

A specially curated set of three knives ensuring Dad has all the necessary tools to get jobs in the kitchen completed with ease. Featuring our Chef’s Knife, Slicing Knife and Paring Knife.

Also available individually and as a complete set in a handcrafted 100% premium leather roll.

William Whiteley Classic Kitchen Scissors

Classic Kitchen Scissors

Quite simply the best Kitchen scissor one can buy and our best seller. Multi functional and virtually indestructible. Pop them in the dishwasher (yes, they are dishwasher friendly!) and see them shine like new.

Also available in Gold.

William Whiteley BBQ Kit, the BBQ Grill Turner in main view.


Our BBQ Turner is the idea companion for the King of the barbecue. Made from high quality stainless steel, with a precision finished sharp edge, our BBQ Turner is ideal for flipping your food of choice to help ensure a perfect even grill (BBQ skills not included). Not only ideal for the even cooking of meat, the BBQ turner is perfect for turning vegetables on a plancha.

For Dad's With Green Thumbs

William Whiteley Garden Pruners in main view. These are specially designed blades to chop through tough shrubbery and suitable for gardening and wreath making.

Garden Pruners

A firm favourite all around the world with a hooked and serrated blade, they are able to take on a multitude of tasks around the house, in the shed and of course in the garden.

Also available in Black.

Whiteley 3 piece Fishing Kit including scissors, locking seizer and nail clipper


Our Whiteley Fishing Kit is the ideal accompaniment to any fishing tackle box. Featuring 6″ curved fishing foreceps, 4″ fishing braid scissors and fishing line clippers.

Our 6″ curved fishing foreceps are ideal for extracting hooks with their serrated blades and locking handles for extra grip. Our 4″ fishing braid scissors feature extra sharp points and blades, perfect for dyneema fibres and superlines. Finally, our fishing line clippers are ideal as a line clipper or hook eye cleaner.

Pruning Knife

A must have for Dad’s with green thumbs and a perfect complement to our traditional pruners. Super sharp with a hooked stainless blade, ergonomic brass riveted wooden handle and a delightful crafted real leather pouch.

William Whiteley Expedition Scissors


Our Expedition scissors are excellent multipurpose scissors designed and built for outdoor adventures. Featuring offset handles designed with additional features including an integral bottle and tin opener, and a built-in nutcracker and/or garlic crusher function. You’ll never be caught short round a camp fire barbecue!

Curved blades provide extra accuracy and strength, with one micro-serrated for extra grip and another with a notch for cutting through bones and meat.

Whiteley 3 inch Pocket Knife


Our Whiteley 3 inch handcrafted, folding, locking, pocket knife is made from 440 stainless steel and features a ebony wood curved handle.

Using a higher grade stainless steel ensures optimum performance and longevity. The Whiteley pocket knife with its ergonomically shaped ebony handle is ideal for gardeners, hobbyists and outdoors activities.

All of the above?


The Whiteley Leather Apron is an ideal gift for any crafter, hobbyist, chef, BBQer or professional who requires something durable whilst wanting to keep clean. Thanks to the Leather Apron’s special waxed finish, our Leather Apron is repellent to dirt and grime and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Our Leather Apron also features a lower brown strap ideal for hanging cloths and this is available with bespoke laser engraving adding a finishing touch to an already special item.

Also available in a short version.

Personalise your gift

We offer bespoke laser engraving, complimentary personalised gift card and Whiteley’s signature boxes.

Laser mark
your gifts.
We offer laser marking. Laser mark your gifts today.
Personalise your message with our wooden insert*.
Personalise your message with our wooden insert.
Add a complimentary gift card with your message.
Add a complimentary gift card with your message.

*Available on select items only.

Give a truly unique, lifetime lasting, British made gift this Father’s Day.

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