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Duke of norfolk scissors

Scissors for the Duke of Norfolk

Scissors for the duke of Norfolk

Since we began making scissors in 1760, we’ve been commissioned to make quite a few unusual and spectacular pairs of scissors – from trimming the grass around golf course holes, to being presented to royalty.


We now have many of these historical pieces on display at our factory. This pair are a fine example; made for the Duke of Norfolk by Peter Atherton, the same person who made Queen Victoria’s Scissors (you may have seen these on our social feed and blog). Peter Atherton is quaintly described in ‘The Sheffield Directory & Guide’ as a ‘manufacturer of fine fancy scissors’.


 Each part, from the little gold studs to the screw, was completely hand made from start to finish. Numerous files would have been used, and in an era with no electric lights, craftsmen had to work by daylight alone.


Never meant to be used, they were decorative scissors for ornamental & showpiece purposes. The chassis of the scissors is Sheffield crucible steel, the very best ever, and there has been hardly any rusting, if at all.


We do still make decorative scissors but the difference is they are also designed to be used.