William Whiteley and sons




For over 260 years, William Whiteley & Sons have been designing and manufacturing beautifully handcrafted scissors and tools in Sheffield, England; the birthplace of stainless steel.


Founded in 1760 and granted a Royal Warrant in 1840, today Whiteley’s is still a family-run firm. Many of our craftsmen’s skills have been handed down through generations, honed to the world-renowned standard we achieve today.

Garden Pruners

Originally designed for industrial use, our Garden Pruners were commissioned by the Post Office to cut through mail bag ties – but we soon realised they’re also ideal scissors for in the garden.


They may be small, but they’re certainly mighty. Extra long handles allow for maximum leverage and one serrated blade provides extra grip for stems and vines.

Black Garden Pruners

A sleek and sophisticated take on our original pair, our Black Garden Pruners are fully Teflon coated for added protection as well as being resistant against sticky saps found when gardening.

Pocket Knife

Our 3 inch handcrafted, folding, locking, pocket knife is made from 440 stainless steel and features a ebony wood curved handle.


Using a higher grade stainless steel ensures optimum performance and longevity. It features an ergonomically shaped ebony handle is ideal for gardeners, hobbyists and outdoors activities.


It  also comes with a Whiteley branded bespoke pouch ensuring your knife will remain safe and protected whilst not in use.

Expedition Scissors

Excellent multipurpose scissors designed and built for outdoor adventures. Featuring lightweight offset handles designed with additional features including an integral bottle and tin opener, and a built-in nutcracker and/or garlic crusher function. You’ll never be caught short round a camp fire barbecue!


Curved blades provide extra accuracy and strength, with one micro-serrated for extra grip and another with a notch for cutting through bones and meat.


Our Expedition scissors are hot forged and handmade by craftsmen with traditional techniques, with an extra durable ceramic Tetrabond coating often used in aerospace and other high tech industries, where very high durability and extended life are essential. This ensures your Expedition scissors are built to face all the elements and won’t let you down.


Suitable for fishing, camping, grilling, hunting, backpacking and more. Ideal for cutting a variety of tough substances such as wire, rope, plastic packaging, fishing line, meat, bones and herbs.

Fishing Kit

The ideal accompaniment to any fishing tackle box. Featuring 6″ curved fishing foreceps, 4″ fishing braid scissors and fishing line clippers.


Our 6″ curved fishing foreceps are ideal for extracting hooks with their serrated blades and locking handles for extra grip. Our 4″ fishing braid scissors feature extra sharp points and blades, perfect for dyneema fibres and superlines. Finally, our fishing line clippers are ideal as a line clipper or hook eye cleaner.


All items are made from top quality stainless steel ensuring durability against the elements so they can be used daily without any fear that they will let you down.