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Full House Gift Set

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Full House Gift Set

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Struggling to find the ideal gift this wedding season?

Our ‘Full House’ gift set is the perfect addition to any household; featuring five pairs of beautifully hand-crafted scissors to cover every cutting need, personalized with a name or message of your choice lasered on the back blade.

Each pair is handmade in Sheffield, England, by our team of dedicated craftsmen.

From left to right:

Wilkinson Black paper scissors: Exquisite stationery scissors for the home office or crafter; designed with long blades to slice through paper with minimal effort.

DIY shears: Powerful shears that can cut through tougher stuff such as textiles, canvas, rubber, carpet and underlay, felt, rope, plastic film, paper and card – a great addition to any toolkit.

Embroidery scissors: Our ‘big bow’ embroidery scissors have larger handles to accommodate all hand sizes, sharp blades and fine points for delicate work.

Garden pruners: Extra long handles give extra power to these short curved blades, designed specifically for trimming stalks, stems and plants.

Classic kitchen scissors: With a bone notch, bottle opener, nut cracker and lid opener, these are the most unique and useful kitchen scissors around – and they’re dishwasher friendly too.


Give the gift of true British craftsmanship – designed to last a lifetime.