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Scissors for Gardening & Floristry

Scissors for Gardening & Floristry

Gardening tools come in all shapes and sizes but I bet scissors don’t spring to mind when you’re looking for the best tools for pruning your plants or flower arranging.

Our trusted garden pruners have taken on many uses throughout their lifetime. Initially, they were designed as mail bag cutters for the Royal Mail in the early 90s, as their short, serrated blades and long handles gave perfect leverage to cut the tough materials found in the mail room. In addition, they are small and easy to slot in a pocket thus could be carried around by postal workers. Early on, we realised they would be a fantastic companion in the garden for gutting touch shrubs and stems so we made them into our signature garden pruners you see today.


During the Pandemic, we were contacted by a Professor at Public Health Wales, whose team has been working hard to test for COVID-19. He thought our garden pruners would make the perfect tool in the lab for cutting the wooden and plastic shafts or the respiratory swabs they have to test daily so we sent the trusted garden pruners on their new assignment to Swansea. Who knew a pair of garden pruners could be so multi-purpose?

Wilkinson Teflon coated Black Garden Pruner Scissors in detail. These are specially designed blades to chop through tough shrubbery and suitable for gardening and wreath making.

So why are these scissors the best pruning shears?


As well as being completely unique and handmade here in Sheffield in the UK they are smaller than typical garden shears therefore more manoeuvrable when you’re trying to cut a specific stem for example. The curved blade means it’s easier to get a swift an accurate cut.


One blade is serrated to grip the stem too. We paint the handles green here in our factory and the blades are chrome plated for longevity. If black’s more your colour, you can also get them with a matte black coating too. The matte black coating is achieved from Teflon meaning the black garden pruners are totally non-stick against sap.


Shop our chrome plated garden pruners here

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Limited Edition

Shop our pruners in limited edition PINK and PURPLE! An ideal gift for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

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