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left handed scissors technique

Lefties: All Fingers & Thumbs

Did you know that when you use a pair of scissors to cut, you are doing more than just opening and closing your hand? We pull the bows towards us with our fingers as we push away with our thumbs. You’ll notice that our bows slant to accommodate this, and for comfort. This action pushes the blades together, so that they will cut properly.

We pull with our fingers and push with our thumbs to cut with scissors

Although… if you are a lefty, and you have always cut using right-handed scissors, you will have subconsciously taught yourself another, more difficult way; pulling with your thumb as you push with your fingers… this is why when some left-handers try to use true left-handed scissors, they adopt the same technique, which subsequently pushes the blades apart.

For scissor makers, it is very expensive to buy a run of forgings to make left-handed scissors, as they are used at a much lower rate (at least 10 times lower) than right handed scissors. That’s why they are more difficult to get and more expensive than right handed scissors. However, as our 8” and 10” left handed sidebents are used to cut materials just as challenging as the right handed scissors are, we persevere with the left-handed scissors and have to buy about 6 years’ stock of forgings at a time!

You can find our left handed scissors here.

Left handed scissors

We know how difficult it is for left-handers to find high quality scissors on the market, particularly when it comes to crafters or tailors keen to cut fabric.So we have expanded our range to meet those needs; our new Wilkinson Colours range is designed specifically for left-handed cutting, the blades are reversed to work with the natural direction of pressure from the hand. Available in 8 inch and 10 inch for lefties, and 9 inch for right-handers.

Choose your favourite colour in this limited range to have a say in which ones become a permanent addition to our store.

Wilkinson colours classic in red, teal and purple on grey slate