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The story of left-handed scissors

The story of
left-handed scissors

If you’re a leftie and haven’t yet tried left-handed scissors, then we are here to introduce them to you, explain how they work and the benefits of using a pair of scissors designed especially for you.


Our left-handed scissors are an exact mirror of our equivalent right-handed pairs. When a right-handed person uses a right-handed pair of scissors, you actually do more than place a direct downward pressure as you close the blades. You also subconsciously apply lateral pressure so you can achieve an accurate, straight cut. If you were to use the same right-handed pair of scissors in your left-hand, you would be pushing the blades apart due our natural instinct to push with our thumb and pull with our fingers.


Left-handed people who have grown up using right-handed scissors in their left-hand train their hand to push with their fingers and pull with their thumbs. If you were to push with your fingers and pull with your thumbs with a left-handed pair of scissors, this would cause you to push the blades apart which would create the illusion they are faulty or cut less effectively.


Simply put, a little bit of retraining is required then a left-handed person using a left-handed pair of scissors will instead be able to achieve an accurate and straight cut due the blades being pulled together like a right-handed person using right-handed scissors. A perfect match and a pairing we’re confident you’ll never look back from!

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