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EXO gold scissor and accessories

Cutting Fabric Fit For the President

Silver EXOs on presidential upholstery fabric

This is an upholstery fabric loaned to us by Brita Hirsch who fell in love with it some years ago.


It was woven by Abraham Moon, who have been manufacturing fabric in Guiseley, West Yorkshire since 1837. Almost as much of an impressive history as ours!


Their furnishing fabrics have even been chosen by Barack Obama for use in the White House which certainly highlights the quality standards they work to

Brita is a keen user of our shears, the EXO silver are her go to pair because of their “perfect balance, unyielding sharpness of the blades and understated good looks”.


She decided to cut a simple pencil skirt for herself from this fabric, much enjoying the challenge to match the enormous repeat of the pattern in all places – including where it wasn’t – strictly speaking – doable.

Gold EXOs on presidential upholstery fabric