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Bespoke Laser Engraving

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personalised scissors

You can choose to apply attractive, bespoke engraving to most of our scissors* before you add them to the basket


This makes them completely unique either to yourself or whomever you may be acquiring them for. What better way to make sure everyone knows their rightful owner?


After the scissors are made, they are sent through to our warehouse where they can have laser engraving applied to the back blade. This could be a company logo, initials, a name or a piece of meaningful text up to 28 characters (including spaces).


We’ve had it all from “Happy Birthday” to “Death Before Paper” and everything you can think of in between, but if you do need some inspiration you can contact us too.


If you want a company logo or other emblem, it is possible but you would need to email us and discuss your requirements.


The desired message or image is burnt onto the surface of the scissor blade by a hi-tech laser machine, controlled by one of our lasering experts and lasts as long as the scissor itself.


Learn more about the scissor making process here.


*some of our scissors are too small to mark, the laser engraving add on will not be available on these product pages