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William Whiteley Rose Gold Embroidery Scissors in main view.

All Things Embroidery

All Things Emrboidery

Do you ever just think to yourself ‘which embroidery scissors are right for me?’? Well, we’ve put together a guide of all our embroidery scissors so you can explore all the variations we have to offer and choose a pair perfect for you.


You can click on any of the product images to be taken to the product page where you can purchase your very own pair.



Our Embroidery Stork scissors are a firm Whiteley favourite and have been a popular design of ours for many years. The Stork design originated from a midwives kit that were scissors designed for the umbilical cord of the baby rather than for embroidery. However, midwives often did needlework in their spare time whilst waiting for things to progress in the delivery room.


As a result, midwives often kept their medical tools alongside their sewing kits meaning their stork clamps often got mixed in with their sewing kit contents. As time passed, the stork umbilical cord clamp evolved to the stork embroidery scissor we know and love today.

William Whiteley Embroidery Gold Scissors in front view.



Our Gold-Plated Embroidery scissors feature 1.5 inch sharp blades with fine points for delicate work. The perfect addition to your sewing box, they’re ideal for fine work as they’re small, precise, extremely sharp and protected with an attractive gold-plated finish.


Did you know the Queen of England actually owns a pair too?

After the Queen had opened the Sheffield Winter Gardens in 2003, the council presented her with our embroidery scissors, together in a gift-set with a golden household scissor in a bespoke box. She was so pleased with them that she didn’t hand the gift straight over to her ladies in waiting, but put them in her own handbag as she wanted to keep them herself.



Our powerful yet small Big Bow Embroidery Scissors feature sharp blades and fine points for delicate work. The Big Bow Embroidery Scissors also feature extra-large finger bows for comfort and ease of us as compared to traditional embroidery scissors with smaller finger bows. This makes the Big Bow Embroidery Scissors extremely comfortable for repetitive use and are ideal if you find other embroidery scissors uncomfortable.


Fully chrome-plated to extend life and resist corrosion meaning they truly are tools to last a lifetime.



Our delicate 4″ embroidery scissors feature in stunning rose gold plating. The perfect addition to your sewing box, they’re ideal for fine work as they’re small, precise, extremely sharp and protected by their rose gold plating.


These are the same scissors that the Queen of England owns, only in a rose gold finish.



Our delicate Epaulette Embroidery Scissors feature sharp blades and fine points for detailed work. With chrome plated blades and gold effect delicate handles, the Epaulette Embroidery Scissors make a perfect addition to any embroidery kit.

All our embroidery scissors feature super sharp points for accurate work so whichever pair you decide to choose, you won’t be disappointed. In addition, they will all arrive packaged in our signature Whiteley gift box, making a truly exquisite gift or treat to yourself.

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