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scissor resharpening

Scissor Resharpening: The doctor is in

Do you have an old pair of SCISSORS in need of some TLC?


Our scissors are always hand-made to the highest quality – if cared for properly, they can last a lifetime.


If your scissors have become blunt, worn, or aren’t cutting properly anymore, send them to our scissor clinic and we’ll fix them up so that you can continue using them for years to come.

The doctor is in

Our master grinder Andrew began working for William Whiteley & Sons as a young man in 1974. Since then he has continuously developed his craft, honing his skills throughout the years.


Whilst he can resharpen any scissor, today he is one of the only people in the world with the knowledge and skill to resharpen the large blades on old tailors shears. When you send your shears to us, Andrew will diagnose each pair and treat them based on his years of expertise.

The scissor clinic

Our Scissor Clinic runs on the second Friday of each month. You can either post or hand deliver your scissors to us before then, and we will assess and quote based on the work required.


We can do anything from a quick sharpen to a full refurbishment as long as there’s enough blade left to grind down. We can also remove rust, repaint worn handles, remove stubborn adhesives, and add personalized engraving.


We carry out the repairs on the same day (unless more substantial work is required) and you can pay by card, PayPal or BACS before we get them back to you.

Before & after

From this

refurbished scissor

To this

refurbished scissor

We also specialize in refurbishing historical shears from the late 1800s and early 1900s; with almost 360 years of experience in the scissor industry, our knowledge is unparalleled.

scissor sharpening

There are many scissor sharpening services available around the world. However  these can be unreliable or unfamiliar with certain types of scissor, particularly fabric and tailors shears.


Ensure your scissors get the expertise they deserve from our trusted craftsmen;

contact us.

scissor resharpening
scissor resharpening