Scissor Clinic
A quality pair of shears is equal to an heirloom; in some cases passed down through families generation after generation. In a world where everything is mass-produced, what to do with old pairs of shears that no longer cut?
hand finished scissors made in england

Here at Whiteley’s, we still make scissors by hand, and we still use traditional techniques.

Send your shears into our scissor Doctor; Andrew, a master grinder and one of the last people left in the world who can still hand-grind large tailors’ shears. We offer anything from re-sharpening to a full refurbishment.


The clinic runs in the second week of each month.

Send us your scissors with note identifying the symptoms, and we will assess and quote you a price based on the work needed to get them back to full health.

Prices start from £40 for a basic regrinding and resetting, additional work to be carried out will be quoted accordingly.

If you require an urgent turnaround, we can provide this at an additional fee – contact us to learn more.