I received the nail scissors a few days ago and am really delighted with them! Also, I am so impressed with the service from your Company .
Joan G

Absolutely Beautiful

The scissors arrived today and they are all absolutely beautiful. Such a great sound when the blades brush by each other. The EXO design and gold color are stunning and the gift is perfect.
Melissa K

I would definitely recommend them to any lefty. 5*

The shears were beautifully boxed with all necessary instructions on how to use. On first look to shears were expertly finished with a polished and glossy tone on the striking red handle - this colour is amazing! The handle fits perfectly for my left hand like it was meant to be, and the blades glide like butter. The shears are very easy to control with the grip and brilliant for cutting light weight fabrics which has been some what difficult in the past. I can't wait to cut out more garments for my future makes! I would definitely recommend them to any lefty. 5*
Joshua B

The quality of your products shines through even better in person

Extremely happy with the EXO gift set, and I have to say the quality of your products shines through even better in person than viewed online. Everyone involved with your company must be rightly proud to produce such items.
Leyton R

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Fiona, UK:

Firstly, I received my DIY shears in two working days, amazing service! Now I have received them, what a game changer! I EcoBrick, so cut up clean plastic that can’t be recycled and make bricks using plastic bottles. I’ve been using ordinary scissors which takes me a long time to get through all the material and is very painful on my hands. I have just completed cutting an entire bag of plastic up in 10 minutes using my new DIY scissors. That would have usually taken me a whole evening of cutting. Fantastic scissors which are going to chomp through my backlog of plastic in no time!

Dana Blouin, Thailand:

I received my 13 inch big bolt shears and threadclips recently and I could not be happier! The shears have blown my mind, they cut like a dream – they are on another level. The craftsmanship and precision sets them apart from any other shear I have cut with. The threadclips live up to the same standard too; they work seamlessly every single time.

Gary Gembala, USA:

I recently learned of William Whiteley & Sons in Sheffield, England and was so impressed with their history and products that I purchased the new Expedition model scissors online from Ohio, USA.  The finishing, engraving, and cutting action of these scissors is superb. A gift to my son that could be passed on for generations to follow.

I have to add, the personal attention of Whiteley & Sons customer sales staff was outstanding. Regular email updates on the status of my order were provided throughout the manufacturing process and shipping. William Whiteley & Sons is a well run, customer focused, company of proud, skilled craftsmen and wonderful, caring staff that have been producing exceptional products since 1760.  Well worth the investment.

Chair Repair Workshop, UK:

I’d been following William Whiteley & Sons for a while and had become increasingly obsessed with their scissors and the process of handcrafting them. After getting frustrated with my current pair of scissors at the time, one too many times, I decided to purchase a pair from Whiteleys…

Why didn’t I do it sooner? There is a certain tactile feel with quality handcrafted items and these tick the box!

They cut like a dream and they look amazing – they still bring me joy every time I use them. I will certainly be back for another pair to add to my collection! 

Andrew J Musson – Bespoke Tailor, UK: I am absolutely delighted with my new EXO Gold shears from William Whiteley & Sons. Being a tailor, it is really important to have the right tools for the trade. The EXO shears are just this, sharp, lightweight and a great design. Perfection! I would highly recommend these shears!

Scenic Stitches – Embroidery Artist, UK: Where do I start with these beautiful Gold Embroidery scissors – they are simply perfection. I had read so many great reviews, and when a good friend of mine had this exact pair of Whiteley scissors, and nothing but good things to say about them, I knew I had to get involved! Founded in 1760 and handmade by craftsmen every time, William Whiteley & Sons blow my mind. Their scissors are both beautiful and they work perfectly.

Upholstery Bee – Upholsterer UK: I love using my Wilkinson 8′ Classic Sidebent shears as they slice through all my upholstery fabrics with ease, whether fine cotton or a thick luscious velvet. They are also perfect for snipping excess fabric off the pieces of furniture that are being reupholstered.

Felicity Fabrics – Fabric Stockist, UK: We are so proud to be stockists of the amazing Whiteley handcrafted scissors. We particularly love our pinking shears which we use to finish all our swatches beautifully.

Jim Ratcliffe – Infrastructure Engineer, UK: I recently purchased a pair of Wilkinson Black Electrician Snips and what can I say? Fantastic is an understatement, these are something on another level entirely, a true mark of quality, a perfect finish, perfectly engineered, and something that really should be an industry standard. To compare these to anything else of a similar type is impossible, and a disrespect to the design, quality, engineering and production services of Whiteley and Sons, there is no second best.

I can safely say that these will more than likely outlast me, and go on to serve my children and grandchildren with the same quality and service they’ve given me!

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